Products from dates

date paste

date pastedate paste are mainly used in the production of cakes, sweets, ice creams, sweet foods and halvah. The date palm is a product obtained in industrial and semi-industrial methods, from different date varieties, following a work process as described below. Comes: Dates * Disinfection * Grading * Humidity Setting * Wrapping * Nutrition * Removal of Waste * Crushing Pasteurization * Homogenization of Raw Materials * Adding Emulsifiers * Ultimate Homogenization * Sanitary Packaging.
To date paste, natural ingredients such as sesame, bracts, almonds, walnuts, and … can also be added. This product can be in containers made of material
Polymer, and aluminum plates allowed for food

chopped dates

chopped dates
chopped dates have high nutritional value and diabetic patients who are suffering from sugar can use this product. Date chips have high shelf life and no cores.

The chopped dates are suitable for use with tea instead of sugar and for making different kinds of pies and lentils (lentils). It is rich in vitamins, salts. It is a good alternative to tea instead of sugar